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Welcome to The MEA Programs: Training in Equus
Behavioral Issues
Private sessions and group clinics are offered to assist you in addressing problems, whether on the ground or in the saddle. Marlis troubleshoots the problem and teaches owners the "fix". Success is all about you and your horse, together.
News and Events
Clinic Schedule

Benefit Clinic for Horses in Need
September 24-25, 2011 at
Eliron Arabians, Bridgeton, NJ

Proceeds go to the Arabian Rescue Mission
Fees: $25 for one day, $40 for both days

Educational Programs
Riding in Harmony
Glendale Riding School, Easton, MD
Saturday, October 1, 2011
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The key to a successful relationship and team spirit lies in communicating in "Equus", the language the horse already understands. We focus on coaching you to an understanding of how the natural horse lives, thinks, and learns.
Training in Equus
Taking the "Natural" to a New Level

The Mirroring Equine Attitude (MEA) Programs focus on teaching owners/riders/handlers to "fix" problems with their horse through education and understanding of the natural horse and its language. There are no gimmicks and no special equipment required to develop a true team partnership with your horse. As an example, a mare teaches her newborn foal to stay at her side, and within a three foot space at all times. She uses no equipment, halters, lead lines, lunge lines, whips, sticks, or round pens. And yet, within only a few hours of birth, the newborn foal "lunges" circles around Mom, always staying within that 3 foot space. By learning to speak and read Equus, you can teach your horse anything in a short period of time PLUS gain willing response, trust, and respect from your horse.

Marlis Amato founded the MEA programs after careful study of miles of video footage observing the interactions and communication within her domesticated breeding herd of Egyptian Arabians over the past 15 years. Through these observations, she has gained an understanding of how the natural horse lives, thinks, learns, and communicates. The horses are her teachers. She now specializes in translating the "Equus" language to human language so owners can more easily elicit positive response and willing interaction from their horse. Owners often spend time, energy, and money on having their horse professionally trained, yet still have behavior and resistance problems. Marlis focuses on teaching owners why specific behaviors appear, along with how to change them.

The Equus Language

Have you heard that old adage - "There are no problem horses, only problem owners?" This is absolutely untrue. The problems for both horse and human arise almost exclusively from communication errors. If you only speak English, can you readily communicate with and understand a person who only speaks Spanish? The Equus language is a foreign language, spoken silently, using short phrases ending only in periods and exclamation points. There are no question marks.

Be sure to visit the Education page for information on common communication errors between horse and human.

Volunteer Training - Talbot Special Riders
Therapeutic Program
Easton, MD
Friday, September 30, 2011
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Translations in Equus - Photo Gallery

If you'd like to see a short slide show illustrating just a few of the Equus to Human translations - Click the picture.
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