Attention - in equus
This slide show illustrates just a few of the translations from Equus to our human body language. The horse reads and responds instinctively to movements and energy. In other words, they immediately understand intent behind specific movements, and by instinct, they won't refuse. These are not trained cues, they are Equus communication movements.

As an example, the foot stomp pictured here is designed to command immediate attention and reinforce any instruction that has been given. The chestnut on the right is informing the young bay to stay out of his space. The youngster is agreeing that he understands through the "snapping" mouth movement. If the older horse wanted him to move, he would step forward and stomp. The movement is a simple stomp on the ground, not a strike. If you stand in front of your horse and stomp the ground with intent with one foot, you WILL get an immediate response from your horse.

I hope you enjoy the show! If you want to turn off the music, click the speaker icon. There is a play/pause button under the picture, and if you want to view a specific picture, just click it on the top bar. Loading shouldn't take too long, but please be patient.
Translations in Equus - Slide Show
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