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The Team Concept: Creating a Partnership with your Horse
by Marlis Amato c. 2010

Leadership, trust, and respect are the natural outcomes of giving your horse an instruction and achieving a response. It's as simple as that. You don't need a round pen. You don't even need a fenced-in area.

Whether you're competing at the biggest shows or riding a pony in the backyard, this book will help you to understand your horse better and greatly enhance the ease with which you work (and play) together. This book is based entirely on what Marlis has learned from "herd watching," and makes it relevant to all horse lovers.

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Comments from readers about The Team Concept:
"Your book is brilliant! Your writing reads exactly like you speak! Not one wasted word. It's very clear and profound! Your book is like having you right in front of me and my horses!" ... ZW, Philadelphia, PA
"... the book is GREAT! I haven't gotten as far as I'd like only because after I started into it I doubled back and started to make notations (that's how I really digest books - especially important-to-me books). Turns out there's hardly a page or paragraph that doesn't have an underline, circle or stars scribbled all over it - so much for sharing with my sister ... WE, Chapel Hill, NC
Training in Equus: Medicating and Deworming the Difficult Horse
by Marlis Amato c. 2010

22 minutes

Many horses are reluctant and often combative about taking syringed medications or dewormers. Marlis Amato presents a step by step training process to teach the horse to accept the medications. No longer will there be a need to fight with or "trick" your horse into taking their medicines. Marlis presents two examples of horses with rearing and combative problems.

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